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Welcome to Kham Nakorn Rescue & EMS.

We provide 1669 EMS & Rescue services in Khonkaen. Our ambulance crews are all EMIT registered and skills range from EFR (formerly EMT-FR) to AEMT (formerly EMT-I). There are also a number of non-Thai people involved from the UK, Denmark, the USA, New Zealand and beyond. They support our operations and development (clinical, fundraising and other tasks) and also work with us in Thailand from time to time.

We have recently secured sponsorship from a equipment supplier, full details of this will be online soon!

In addition to this, we have also entered into partnership with Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships who will be a training provider ensuring that our volunteers receive the specialist training they require to undertake a range of specialist rescue tasks. Further details of our relationship and a profile of the organisation will appear online shortly.

Govt. ensures public of emergency medical service via hotline 1669

Minister of Public Health M.D.Piyasakol Sakolsattayathon has confirmed the 1669 medical emergency hotline is ready to provide emergency medical service for people across the country.

The minister on Sunday said the 1669 hotline had service units across the country with emergency transport by land, air and water without fee. The hotline’s adviser would offer basic first-aid instructions, ask the caller questions to assess the symptoms and direct the patient to a proper hospital, said the minister.

M.D.Piyasakol also called on motorists to give way to an ambulance so that the patient would receive treatments in time.

The hotline has provided service for 1.36 million times a year over the past three years with a tendency to increase. It has helped decrease injuries from accidents by 200,000 people a year.

(Press release 5/12/16 )

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This is the link to our Wordpress site. Here you will find up to date news, information, resources, training resources, photographs and links to other sites of interest. There are numerous updates each week, so do make a point of checking in for updates and new information.