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Pilot Project Khonkaen - DRAFT OUTLINE

Project Name: #ProjectKhonkaenEMS2017

Planned Start Date: Q4 2017

Resources Required: Refer to attached 

Gant Chart: Refer to attached

Project Plan: Refer to attached

Project Introduction:

We will be delivering a BLS response service into a designated region within Khonkaen City and environs and we will be using purpose built, safety compliant ambulances modeled on a Toyota chassis (detailed discussions underway with RMA group regarding vehicle configuration and build). This will be a ‘first’ for a volunteer based organisation, historically ambulances are ‘built’ by volunteers based upon whatever van or pickup they can source locally and unfortunately, these would never meet what we would determine in the West to be the bare minimum of safety requirements. There will be two crew variations and a range of performance and outcome measurements (KPI's) will be used to determine the longer term ambulance crew options (ie skills and numbers of personnel).

In addition to the above mentioned ambulances, we will be offering a dedicated ‘EMS Rescue’ vehicle which will available to respond to RTC type calls and those incidents requiring technical support in the form of rope rescue, water rescue, lifting and cutting equipment and similar skills. This will be in addition to a ‘Cardiac/Trauma Response Vehicle’ which will be crewed by EMT-B and EMT-I volunteers (with the probability that we will attract overseas paramedics and local medics) who will respond to appropriate calls where additional skill and/or equipment is required. These two specialist vehicles will be introduced at a to be determined date in 2018 and will be available not only within our designated catchment area, but will also be a City and Province wide resource meaning that they can be called upon by both Ministry of Public Health Ambulances and other NGO/Volunteer services as and where required.

Performance and capability will be measured against a determined set of Key Performance Indicators including activation, response, time on scene and conveyance times, appropriate and effective use of skills and adjuncts & OHCA ROSC and 30 day survival rates. These indicators will be used to assist with ongoing development of the service and expansion across the region.

Future plans, post project completion, include:

  • Hazardous Area Response Team(s) with specialist trained teams who will provide support and life saving skills in hostile environments
  • Pediatric Retrieval Ambulance: a purpose built service conveying critically ill pediatric patients from Regional Hospitals into an appropriate level Pediatric Unit in Khonkaen, or elsewhere as required.