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We are a ‘Foundation’ (in Western terms, an NGO) based in North East Thailand in Khon Kaen province, in Khon Kaen city, providing First Responder and Ambulance EMT crews working in conjunction with the regional 1669 (Medical Emergency Line) service.

Formed over two years ago, we are working in close partnership with a number of organisations, agencies and governmental bodies in Thailand in order to redefine the role of volunteer led pre-hospital emergency care (phec). We also have a number of overseas organisations and individuals who are in partnership with us and assisting us in our work and plans including Global Fire & Rescue, PAX Bags, Ambulance Today, South West Ambulance Services NHS Trust & St John Ambulance (London Region Logistics).

Latest articles:

CPR in Australia

An excellent video from Australia showing how effective CPR is performed on a witnessed cardiac arrest. Click here to goto post

Effectiveness of CPR…:

I have spent a number of hours today looking at various videos on YouTube posted by various Rescue and EMS groups in Thailand, and there is a theme that is becoming clear – there is a need for continual training and updates to keep skills in date, and to ensure effectiveness in use of these skills.

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Recent posts & articles:

Volunteer Team Deployment:

We have a team of volunteers in Sakon Nakhon assisting with water rescue and flood relief. Click here for article and subsequent updates. Click here for photos of our team in action and the impact of the flooding in E-Sarn region.

Delivering training to new Emergency Medical Responders

We also take part in training the new generation of lifesavers – this month we were part of the team delivering training on the latest Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course held at KK Hospital. Click here for some photos!

Delivering safer driving in Khonkaen

In May 2017, one of our vounteers took part in the ID Driver Training Course, as part of our commitment to delivering #saferambulance2020 project! Click here for some photos taken during the training course

‘An Assessment on Thai Emergency Medical Services Performance: The Patient Perspective’.

Recently published research looked into the patient experience with both EMS and Emergency Departments, with the view to leading to improvements. There were however some discouraging findings and these raise questions as to how to address these.

…only 7.28% of respondents where conveyed to hospital by an ambulance but also worrying that the satisfaction levels expressed by patients who had been conveyed by volunteer ambulance crews was noticeably lower than that of the paid hospital based ambulance crews. Only 80% of those surveyed said that they felt safe in a volunteer/foundation ambulance and slightly less that 80% where satisfied with the experience.

There needs to be a policy change and decision made to support Foundations in their work IF there is a serious desire to promote pre-hospital emergency care in Thailand. Without such support, there is going to be little movement forwards now or in the future and the healthcare of Thai people will suffer

To read the post in full, click here.

84% of volunteer personnel in Thailand are voluntary and receive minimal financial support from the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services (NIEMS). The funding of volunteer led phec is in urgent need of reform, review and modernisation. There is also an emergent need for a radical review of the entire First Responder and EMT training & revalidation process in order to modernise the & bring up to date the skills, as well as introduction of a clinical governance and auditing process of training and also the delivery of services and the actual service providers.

We are working in partnership with several private sector organisations in order to review the design aspects, funding and registration of all ambulances in the country. There are a series of critical safety issues requiring urgent attention.

2017 sees the NIEMS engaging with stakeholders and conducting a review of training and governance. We have been asked, in partnership with a nationwide private hospital group, to engage in this process and take part in designing the future of Thailand’s EMSS. Additionally we are participating in the #saferambulance2020 campaign which will be launched later this year (2017). Focused around design safety factors, as well as safer working practices for EMS crews, the aim is to deliver an affordable, safe ambulance which will provide a greater degree of protection to the ambulance crew, their patient and other road users. Alongside the design aspects, we will be looking into scene safety training and a nationwide roll-out of driver training courses. Ambulance crews are involved in an unacceptably high number of life changing and fatal road traffic incidents and collisions each year – this has to stop.

The time for change is upon us and needs to be acted upon now! Join us in our work as we strive with our partners to make EMS a safe place to be, with the appropriate skills and necessary support enabling ‘professional volunteers’ to deliver appropriate pre-hospital emergency care to those who are in their time of need.

Chris, who is runs this site, will be in Thailand in later in 2017 for a month (dates to be confirmed). I will be happy to meet up with colleagues in Bangkok, Khonkaen and elsewhere during this visit. Please get in contact with me via our Facebook page and lets arrange a meet up to discuss ways in which we can work together and further our aims and develop the role of volunteer ambulance crews in Thailand.

So, welcome to our website where you will find a vast array of posts relating to our work and the issues identified above.

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