Proposed 2018 training:

RTC Extrication Training Course

If you are a volunteer with a EMS/Rescue Foundation in or around Khonkaen this will be of interest to you.

RTC Extrication Skills: Delivered by UK Fire Service instructors, this course will introduce you to the types of equipment and techniques available to you as a Rescue/EMS crew responding to and dealing with casualties trapped in motor vehicles. The course will focus on the importance of crew/team management and introduce new methods of team work.
This course will be available to all volunteers and paid EMS/Rescue organisations and will include assessments on the skills taught.

Who would benefit from attending this course?

Anyone who has in interest in extending their skills and becoming part of a developing team in KhonKaen. There WILL be prerequisites to attend this course – details to follow.


The training is being delivered free by the UK trainers however we would expect their to be a donation towards the costs incurred in delivering the course – this will not be an expensive course and the contribution would be entirely voluntary!

Details will follow in the near future and will be on this page & our website  so watch out for further details.

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