Ambulance Today 2019 Spring Edition

I was approached by AmbulanceToday, a leading professional magazine, in order to contribute to their latest edition in which they were looking at the global challenges faced by EMS organisations.

Here is the article spring 2019 – this is a personal overview and I am certain that there will be some people who have a wildly differing perspective of EMS operations in Thailand. However as I said, this is a personal view based on my involvement and experiences in the country over the past 9 years.

The recurring theme across all participants is the need for training, collaboration and funding.

Volunteers want to…deliver better, professional care with the skills and support to be able to do so

So how do we achieve this? With an adaption to the training which encompasses all the hard work which various Government agencies such as EMIT & NIEMS have undertaken, and the dedication of health professionals have provided – adding to this some new skills and updating where applicable the underlying skills, we will be able to deliver a training package which brings the skills and knowledge which many volunteers are calling out for. JICA and their partnership with KhonKaen saw the start of EMS provision some 30 years ago, now is the time to add to the excellent work which has been achieved and jump forward to deliver an even higher level of care, empowering volunteers and developing their potential!

What needs to happen? Collaborative thinking! In Chang Mai for instance, there has been a coming together of many of the Foundations, they are working together. Sharing knowledge, skills and resources. Instead of competing with each other, they are working WITH each other and have had impressive results from this! The days of rivalry between Foundations needs to be over, instead we should be looking at how we can compliment each other, how we can bring our various skills and abilities together and with a unified approach, deliver a better level of care.

In Khon Kaen we are approaching other Foundations and seeking this form of collaboration.

We have been forming relationships with various organisations across the country with the view to sharing of skills, training and resources.

Instead of working in competition against each other, we have a firm rooted desire to work in partnership WITH each other.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some thoughts on how we can start to achieve parts of this ideal – focusing on training in the first instance.

Your thoughts, views and comments are welcomed – so please comment and lets discuss this more!



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