Use of hazard lights on ambulances

I am intrigued as to why ambulances in Thailand use their hazard lights when driving enroute to a call – not a good idea and leads to confusion from other road users as to your intended direction of travel at junctions and etc. The risk of accidents when driving on lights and sirens is increased by a huge amount and therefore, other road users need to understand the intentions of the driver of the ambulance – this is not going to happen when hazard lights are on all the time.


  1. This is a problem throughout Asia and Africa, this can be addressed via EVOC training. In Liberia the accident rate fell dramatically following Emergency Vehicle Operator Courses. Once the Drivers understood the risks this problem was virtually eliminated as well as the drivers come to understand the priority is safety of themselves, partners, the public and the patient as well as the need to and how to provide smooth, safe transport they pride themselves on providing just that!

    • Agreed! There is a clear need for training of drivers. The accident rate involving ambulances is too high and in review, a high number of these accidents are due to driver (ambulance) action and failure to respond to a situation in the correct manner.

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