The 7 deadly days of the New Year

The accident figures are out for the so-called 7 deadly days of the New Year (29th December – 4th January) and the results are not good. In fact, the numbers reported are appalling.

This period is one of several in the Thai calendar associated with holiday periods resulting in abnormally night accident and death rates on the Kingdom’s roads, in general associated with speed and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Changmai Accident Photo
2016 saw increased campaigns by both Central and Local government agencies in an attempt to educate drivers as to the associated risks of speed and drink driving.

According to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation’s Road Safety Directing Centre there was a considerable increase in the accident rates, injury and death rates. They reported a 25.79% increase in deaths (478) compared to the 2015/2016 period (380) with a steep rise in injury rates. There were 4128 injuries reported, an almost 28% increase on last year and almost 4000 accidents which was an increase approaching 16%.

A large number of the injuries received were ‘life changing’ which will incur ongoing medical treatment for the remainder of their lives, at significant cost to the Kingdom.

Final analysis of the figures shows that the rates are the highest in 10 years.

It is not surprising to read that motorcyclists where involved in almost 82% of the accidents and it has been reported that almost all of the riders/passengers were not wearing helmets. This is a clear indication that the crackdown on helmet laws needs to be stepped up and a huge education program undertaken.

What can be done to reduce the death and injury rate?

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