Thailand’s EMS really is in crisis

Craig, a collection (which will grown in size) of videos and thoughts, as well as links to various things, for you to have a look at and comment upon

Here is a video from a volunteer group. Its lengthy, however there are a number of what I consider salient points that come across, and some of these are in my view, representative of what is wrong with the current structure, deployment process and overall, resource management.

This video is quite a true representation of the types of calls which volunteer First Responders and BLS Ambulance crews are routinely sent to.

Your initial thoughts?

The second offering is a bit different – this is a view from the front of the ambulance as its undertaking an emergency response. This time, its the road users that are of interest, and the response of the ambulance driver.

Number Three raises a lot of questions – lets see what you discover?

More to follow