Vital Signs

What are the ‘normal’ vital signs for your patient?

Normal Vital Signs

    12-20 per min for adults. 20-30 for small children. >30 for infants and newborns.
    Adequate chest expansion (1 in.).
    Clear and effortless.
    60-80 per min for adults. Faster for children and the elderly.
    Strong and regular.
    Pink (palm and sole), Warm and dry.
    Fast Capillary refill (under 2 sec male adults and children, 3 for females, and 4 in the elderly).
    Normal and equal in size.
    Respond to light.

    Blood Pressure
    120 / 80 (systolic / diastolic) in adults.
    Higher in the elderly and lower in children.

    Pulse Oximetry

I will be adding a Vital Signs card which you can print out soon 🙂