How you can support us

Here is an outline list of the items that you could sponsor/provide for us. It is by no means an exhaustive list and if you think you have something that might be of use to us, please let us know by filling out the comments form.

    Adult BVM’s
    Child BVM’s
    Pediatric BVM’s
    BM (Blood Sugar) testing kit
    O2 Sats Meters
    Adjustable Adult C/Spine Collars
    Adjustable Child C/Spine Collars
    FR2 AED Batteries
    FR2 AED Pads
    Laedral Suction Unit
    Dressings and Bandages
    Trauma Dressings
    Blast Dressings

We would also be interested in discussing with any company or organisation who would be interested in provided us with monitoring kit, such as LifePak15, Zoll X Series or a corpuls1 monitor. We realise that these are big ask items, but perhaps somewhere, there is a company, organisation or benefactor who would like to assist us in obtaining this kit.
corepuls1zoll xlp15-300x210

In addition to the day-to-day items above, we would be interested in discussing a more longer term relationship with interested parties. This could entail periodic supply of items, such as those above, or other kit which we identify a need for as we develop and expand our services.

There is already discussions underway with several organisations regarding their long term involvement with us, but there are some specific areas of need we’d like to look at.

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