The Bodysnatchers of Bangkok

The Bodysnatchers of Bangkok | Guardian Investigations
This is a video from Youtube commissioned by the Guardian – it is not correct in a few areas, and gives a not correct view of the work undertaken by our colleagues in Bangkok.

Marko, who is featured (he is a Kiwi living in Bangkok and is a rescue medic) had the following to say:

Marko Kang

Na-Pom (our “uncle” Pom:) ) is not actually a volunteer as you can see by the the subtitles, he is a paid worker (deputy rescue manager) and his yellow shirt signifies he is a paid Body Collector. He does most of the work police do in other countries like photographing, fingerprinting and cataloging the victims details.
The people in green uniforms are volunteers and all have FR (First Response) training or more (some EMT-B’s, nurses and even a few doctors).
The guys in the white uniforms are paid EMT-B’s (or higher).
These teams I would say handle more like 90+% of accidents (definitely not as low as 60%)
Most of my work-friends (volunteers) do not do this job for karmic reasons.
Volunteers get no payment for this job, they supply their own vehicles, equipment, petrol, etc. (They get a free id!)
Mr. Pattarit (who I know) is correct that volunteer HQ get some money but it does not go to the volunteers.