We provide 1669 EMS & Rescue services in Khonkaen City. Our ambulance crews are all EMIT registered and skills range from EFR (formerlyEMT-FR) to AEMT (formerly EMT-I). There are also a number of non-Thai people involved from the UK, Denmark, the USA, New Zealand and beyond. They support our operations and development (clinical, fundraising and other tasks) and also work with us in Thailand from time to time.

84% of the ambulance response in Thailand is delivered by volunteers from various Foundations, NGO’s and charitable organisations. There is a clearly identified need backed up by peer reviewed academic research and external reports suggesting that there is a need for change in how the various organisations operate & engage in collaborative activities. Our aim is to be at the forefront of how this can be delivered.

2017 sees the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services engaging with stakeholders and conducting a review of training and governance and we have been asked, in partnership with a nationwide private hospital group to engage in this process. We are taking part in the #saferambulance2020 campaign which will be launched later this year (2017) and is focusing on the build quality & safety aspects of ambulances as well as safer working practices for EMS crews. Ambulance crews are involved in an unacceptably high number of life changing and fatal road traffic incidents and collisions each year – this has to stop.

Only within the past 24 hours, there has been a fatal incident involving EMS volunteers. (updated 7th May, 2017)

One of our key aims is:

‘Setting the appropriate & suitable standard of pre-hospital care to which others will aspire to achieve’

We are building relationships with a number of key stakeholders who are prepared to support us in delivery of specific tasks and project objectives. We aim to deliver ‘first class pre-hospital care’. This is one of the underlying motives in all we do.

Thanks to the work Chris Hall has undertaken in raising awareness of both our Foundation and the area of pre-hospital care in Thailand, we have received and are soon to take delivery of range of donated items which will enable us to expand our initial services. Included in the items we will receive soon is a Heart-Start FR2 defibrillator. This is an essential piece of kit for our volunteers, and without the kind support of a donor in the UK, we would not be in the position to have this. Defibrillators save lives – CPR alone will only keep a patient going so long, so having this item will be beneficial for us and those who we see in need of care.

We are in regular conversation with a major global ambulance provider who is currently working elsewhere in SE Asia. They are keen to form a close working relationship with us in the mid term future (they are currently fully committed to a substantial project elsewhere in SE Asia which we will be assisting with as and where appropriate). They are fully committed to the future development of a sustainable, viable and fit-for-purpose Emergency Medical Service across not only single countries, but SE Asia as a whole (refer to this article for my comments and thoughts on EMS in SE Asia).

Are you interested in volunteering with us?

We welcome EMS and pre-hospital care professionals who would like to help us out in Thailand. There are specific visa requirements in place for ‘formalised’ volunteering however, if you are in the area and would like to come and see us, you would be more than welcome. We have a number of non-Thais who work with us already from a range of clinical areas and as we develop, we will be looking to recruit additional volunteers to support us in our work here in Khonkaen and further afield.

Introduction to some of our key staff people

Chris Hall

With over 25 years involvement in volunteer led pre-hospital care in the UK, and working for one of the UK’s leading Ambulance providers, Chris has a extensive background with appropriate knowledge & skills which he is using to work with us in achieving our plans. He has been leading the development of our services and is working on our ongoing development and expansion plans as well as raising our profile overseas and acting as a link to a number of key supporters who are providing us with logistical support. Chris is in Thailand once a year and takes an active role in delivery of pre-hospital care, working alongside the local volunteers, where he brings a UK based clinical skills perspective to treating patients. Within the next 2-3 years he will be more or less permanently resident in Thailand and we are looking forward to his help and ongoing assistance.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Chris via email or via our Facebook page if you are interested in discussing the ways you or your organisation can support us.