Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships


September 2017

We are pleased to announce that we are entering into a formal relationship with Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships, a UK based organisation who are furthering the development of Fire and Rescue Services in developing countries. They aim to make foreign fire fighters and rescue workers safe (by delivery of appropriate and relevant training, provision of suitable equipment and development of personnel), thereby allowing them to do their jobs better and make their communities safer, leading to more saved lives!

Their beliefs and ethos matches those of ours, namely:

‘We believe that no country should be worse off equipment wise, or financially after we leave. We are in a truly unique position to be able to be friends and colleagues to these firefighters that we help. All of our volunteers want whats best for the country we are visiting and its direct beneficiaries.
Firefighters the world over have a notoriously difficult and dangerous job. The job doesn’t change despite where you do your job. What does change, is the level of risk you face due to a variety of reasons. We want to make these firefighters as safe as they can be equipment and training wise, despite other aspects outwith our control.’

They are currently engaged in training of fire service personnel in Bosnia, however, we have had a number of in depth conversations in regards the training requirements that we perceive are in need of delivery in Thailand are we have a series of meetings scheduled in order to discuss the outline plans.

The type of training that will be offered include:

  • RTC Extrication
  • Rope Rescue/Technical Rescue
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Inland Water Rescue
  • Urban Search and Rescue

At this stage, it is envisaged that this training will commence Q4 2017, which ties in with the projected launch of #ProjectKhonkaenEMS2017, our 24 month evaluation project.

They will be sending over a UK Fire Service trainer, at no cost to ourselves, to deliver the initial training courses.

In addition to this, they have generously offered us a range of fire and rescue kit, including PPE workwear, a hydraulic ‘jaws of life’ (to replace an older item we currently have), helmets and rope rescue kit (ropes, harnesses and personal issue equipment) and we are discussing further items of interest.

Forming a partnership with Global Fire and Rescue has been a significant development and we look forward to working with them in Thailand, and in time in Myanmar and Lao over the forthcoming years. This partnership will allow us to fully exploit the potential for a ‘all in one’ Rescue & EMS service across the North East of Thailand, in in time, further afield in Thailand.

Their contact details are:

Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships,
Gallowridgehill Farm,
Off Limekilns Road
KY11 3DH