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This is supporting information for PAX in order to assess their scope and range of interest in supporting our operations and projects in Thailand, namely at this stage #ProjectKhonkaenEMS2017.

Background Information:

We are a new(ish) ‘Foundation’ with approximately 30 volunteers of varying skills and a number of overseas volunteers too (ambulance professionals across Europe). We set up the Foundation in response to the desire to change the way in which pre-hospital care is delivered and are working with an ‘open mind‘ approach to the adoption of new training and skills sets, utilising a blend of Thai and European practice adapting to suit the local needs and requirements.

The key to all of this is ‘appropriate’ and ‘fit for purpose’ provision of services and level of care all of which are sustainable, manageable and cost effective, whilst meeting the local needs and not ‘over delivering’ a solution which is inappropriate or not meeting efficiency requirements.

Our Project:

With this in mind, we are launching in Q4 2017, a 24 month evaluation project entitled #ProjectKhonkaenEMS2017. This will be a proving ground for a lot of the work that has gone into development of our service over the past 12 months. We will be delivering a BLS response service into a designated region within Khonkaen City and environs and we will be using purpose built, safety compliant ambulances modeled on a Toyota chassis (detailed discussions underway with RMA group regarding vehicle configuration and build). This will be a ‘first’ for a volunteer based organisation, historically ambulances are ‘built’ by volunteers based upon whatever van or pickup they can source locally and unfortunately, these would never meet what we would determine in the West to be the bare minimum of safety requirements. There will be two crew variations and a range of performance and outcome measurements will be used to determine the longer term ambulance crew options (ie skills and numbers of personnel).

In addition to the above mentioned ambulances, we will be offering a dedicated ‘EMS Rescue’ vehicle which will available to respond to RTC type calls and those incidents requiring technical support in the form of rope rescue, water rescue, lifting and cutting equipment and other similar skills. This will be in addition to a ‘Cardiac/Trauma Response Vehicle’ which will be crewed by EMT-B and EMT-I volunteers (with the probability that we will attract overseas paramedics and local medics) who will respond to appropriate calls where additional skill and/or equipment is required. These two specialist vehicles will be introduced at a to be determined date in 2018 and will be available not only within our designated catchment area, but will also be a City and Province wide resource meaning that they can be called upon by both Ministry of Public Health Ambulances and other NGO/Volunteer services as and where required.

Performance and capability will be measured against a determined set of Key Performance Indicators including activation, response, time on scene and conveyance times, appropriate and effective use of skills and adjuncts & OHCA ROSC and 30 day survival rates. These indicators will be used to assist with ongoing development of the service and expansion across the region.

Supporting Organisations:

In so far as supporting organisations are concerned, we have had equipment donated by an NHS Ambulance Service in the UK (South West Ambulance Service NHS Trust) and also my employers, St John Ambulance (London Region). We are currently in detailed discussions with St John Ambulance Western Australia, who are presently setting up operations in Vietnam (based in Hanoi). They have taken on the project of developing an entire community reliance based approach to ambulance services – ie in the first instance, training school children in the basic of first aid, developing this knowledge and the desire to learn, so that in time, as they enter adulthood, these said same children will have a desire to enter into pre-hospital care as a career. We will be supporting their work in Hanoi in a variety of ways over then next 18 months. They have a considerable background in supporting pre-hospital care across SE Asia, supporting a number of developing organisations and guiding them through their developmental stages.

We have recently entered into a partnership with Global Fire & Rescue Partnership, and together, we will be developing and delivering a range of bespoke courses, based on the UK Fire Service model to upskill and develop our volunteers.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

In order to develop our service, we are already in informal stage discussions with a number of other volunteer/NGO organisations in the region who deliver EMSS in Khonkaen. The aim of these discussions are to explore areas of mutual interest, namely training, volunteer recruitment, development and retention, and in the longer term, the coming together of these organisations to work in a collaborative partnership with us in order to deliver a professional volunteer led pre-hospital care ambulance service. The aim is not to replace the MoPH ambulances, but to work in partnership with and develop in time, a truly Regional Ambulance Service across the North of Thailand.

This neatly ties in with the recent decision by the NRSA regarding Emergency Medical Service Reform, as announced in early June 2016 where it was agreed that 4000 ambulances would be provided in order to deliver a 5 minute, 5km response to 1669 calls (1669 is the national Medical Emergency Number, akin to 112/999 in Europe and UK). I have written to and am scheduling a date to meet with the National Institute of Emergency Medical Services (NIEMS) when we are out in Thailand in the New Year, where I will be suggesting to them that we take on a share of these ambulances in the North East of the country and work with them in delivery of this ambitious project. In order to deliver this project they will be reliant on volunteer led services to play a major role. It is worth remembering that over 90% of ambulances in Thailand are volunteer crewed!

PAX and Us:

We are looking for a number of key partnerships or ‘key stakeholders’ who are willing to participate in the first instance, in delivery of the 2017 project and the groundwork leading up to project start.

As you mentioned in your email, you where interested in who was also working with us, so the above hopefully has provided you with some key information and points. We are looking for a supplier of AED’s and monitoring equipment – this is still in early stage discussions and details can be provided as and when they become finalised.

In so far as an exclusivity agreement re bags and equipment, I would be quite happy to explore such an arrangement over the vehicles specified above, for an initial period of 2-5 years. We would in return provide a sponsorship space on each ambulance where you logo and website would be displayed (and maintained for the agreement period). In addition to this, we would feature you as a key sponsor on our website (in a form or basis to be agreed). This would be in addition to publicity photos and press-releases we would publish in which your kit would be displayed (exclusive and not in association with any other supplier).

This is an initial thought – how does this sound? It is open to negotiation of course!

My contact details are below should you wish to speak to me.

Kind regards

Chris Hall

m: +44 7739 072 491
SKYPE: ChrisHallNW1
Facebook: @Khamnakornrescue